Wine and grappa from South Tyrol

Wine and spirits from Trentino - South Tyrol

Our selection of exclusive wines, grappas and other spirits from South Tyrol:

Sparkling Wine and Grappa from South Tyrol

Trentino – Alto Adige, known in English as Trentino – South Tyrol, is an autonomous region in Northern Italy renowned for its winemaking. It is one of the oldest German-speaking wine regions. South Tyrol’s alpine climate, characterized by cool nights and sunny days, is ideal for producing aromatic, fresh wines and sparkling wines.

Trentino also stands out as an ancient hub for distillation, especially noted for Grappa from South Tyrol. The region is the birthplace of Tullio Zadra, the innovator of high-quality artisan grappa production methods, and an ancestor of the Pisoni family.

South Tyrol: Grappa, Wine and Sparkling Wine 

Our primary source for Trentino – Alto Adige products is the historic Pisoni winery. Here, exceptional South Tyrol wine and spirits are crafted, including superb South Tyrol sparkling wine, which will undoubtedly enrich your collection of Italian specialty drinks.

Trentodoc: Sparkling Wine from South Tyrol

The Pisoni winery, a founding member of the Trentodoc protection consortium, is known for its Trentodoc sparkling wines. Produced using the traditional bottle fermentation method, these wines are a testament to generations of refined craftsmanship. For example, the Pisoni Trentodoc Brut Millesimato, known for its outstanding value, and the premium Pisoni TrentoDOC Riserva Extra Brut, aged for an average of eight years, offer a unique tasting experience.

The TrentoDOC – Extra Brut Blanc de Noir, matured on the yeast for 27 months, stands out as a versatile sparkling wine, perfect as a dry aperitif or paired with light finger foods and fine fish dishes.

South Tyrol: Grappa and Other Spirits

Pisoni is also celebrated for its South Tyrol Grappa. This winery produces an array of grappa varieties, each crafted with immense care and expertise. Whether it’s the fruit-forward grappa matured in steel tanks or the rich, spicy variants aged in wooden barrels, there’s a flavor for every palate.

Indulge your customers with our aromatic Grappa-Moscato and Grappa-Gewürztraminer, showcasing the essence of Trentino – South Tyrolean specialty.

A Trentino – South Tyrolean spirit specialty is the naturally flavored grappa varieties. For example, the woodruff grappa made with real woodruff from the region is very popular.

A unique offering from Trentino – South Tyrol includes the naturally flavored grappa varieties, like for instance the woodruff grappa, infused with real woodruff from the region.

Trentino – South Tyrol: Grappa Meets Limoncello

Another highlight is the aromatic limoncello from Pisoni, crafted with fine Pisoni grappa – a distinct feature compared to other limoncellos typically made with alcohol. It’s sure to captivate your customers.

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