Valpolicella DOC Superiore - 100° anniversario - Vianello Wines

Valpolicella DOC Superiore – 100° anniversario

Bennati premium - Selezione Valtramigna

Italian red wines  

Valpolicella DOC Superiore – 100° anniversario

An outstanding red wine tailored for Valpolicella enthusiasts – it’s fruity, soft, and elegant, produced following the best traditions. A fitting choice for celebrating special occasions.

Type of wine:red wine, still
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara
Alcohol content:13%
Production:maturation in wooden barrels
Wine characteristics:characteristic, delicate violet scent followed by intense notes of red fruits; elegant, dignified character; on the palate it is dry, enveloping, soft and structured
Assortment tip:for retailers
Occasion:food pairing, for barbecues

Elegant Anniversary Red Wine

An exclusive red wine commemorating the Bennati family’s century-long wine tradition, crafted for their 100th anniversary. It seamlessly blends tradition and the future into one gourmet experience, transforming everyday moments into celebrations for your customers.

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