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Barbera d’Alba DOC – Mara

Dante Rivetti - I Classici

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Barbera d’Alba DOC – Mara

This Barbera is an essential gem among the distinguished red wines of Piedmont. This blend is crafted traditionally, embodying a refreshing and immediate character, enriched with elegance and enduring flavor that beautifully complements a variety of dishes.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Flavor Wine:Dry
Region of origin:Piedmont
Grape variety(s):Barbera
Alcohol content:13.5%
Manufacturing:red wine vinification in stainless steel
Wine characteristics:Intensive bouquet of ripe fruits, cherries and berries; deep and harmonious, optimal drinkability
Assortment tip:Wine for retail, wine for restaurants and wine bars, a must-have, good by the glass
Occasion:Food accompaniment, barbecue evenings, with finger food

Mara – an ode to family

Mara, the youngest Barbera in the Rivetti collection, is a dedication to Mara Rivetti, the youngest daughter of Dante Rivetti, who, alongside her brother Ivan, sister Katia, and mother Luciana, guides the family-run winery. Ready to savor now, this wine’s inherent charm will only deepen with time, gracefully mellowing its restrained tannins for an even more exquisite experience.

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