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TrentoDOC – Brut Millesimato Nature

Pisoni Trentodoc

Fizzy and Sparkling Wines  

TrentoDOC – Brut Millesimato Nature

A sparkling wine that reveals the masterful craftsmanship of the Pisoni winery in both appearance and taste. This Brut Millesimato Nature is a celebration in itself, promising your customers a delightful experience with its full-bodied, natural taste.

Type of wine:white, sparkling wine
Flavor:brut nature
Region of origin:Trentino
Grape variety(s):Chardonnay
Alcohol content:12.5%
Production:bottle fermentation, ageing over 28 months
Wine characteristics:immediate wine, fruity notes merge with complex aromas; strong and full-bodied
Assortment tip:for retailers and restaurants; also for customers in the upscale catering service
Occasion:food pairing, for toasting on festive days, as an aperitif, with finger food

Excellent craftsmanship from the Trentodoc

Pisoni, one of the founders of the Trentodoc consortium, is one of the highest-quality artisan winemakers. Each of its products, created with love and expertise, would fit perfectly on the menu of a top restaurant, and would make every tasting in your wine shop a success. A company that conquers markets and hearts – surely those of your customers as well.

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