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Gin 7 Laghi

The Valle dei Laghi (valley of lakes), located between Lake Garda and the cool Dolomite
mountains, with its Mediterranean micro-climate offers the Master Distiller the precious
botanical ingredients of this distillate.
‘Gin 7 Laghi’ is created in “Tullio Zadra” copper stills according to the London Dry method.
What is London Dry Gin?
It is the most noble of Gin production processes and envisages a single still distillation of all botanicals in a hydro-alcoholic solution.
Which precious botanicals have we selected for the new Gin 7 Laghi Pisoni?
Juniper | Woodruff | Mint | Rhubarb | Gentian | Cornflower | Liquorice | Sweet flag | Cinchona
It is fresh, balsamic and evokes the fragrances of Trentino’s mountains.

Alcohol content: 45% vol.

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