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Gin 7 Laghi

Noble gin that captures the essence of the flora from the Trentino mountains. Ideal for gin enthusiasts who prefer to savor it pure.

Type of spirit:gin
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:herbs and other plants of the region
Alcohol content:45%
Production:distillation using the London Dry method
Characteristics:fresh, balsamic, with the scents of the Trentino mountains
Assortment tip:for retailers among Trentino specialties, for wine bars
Occasion:for family/freinds gatherings, for mixing in cocktails, gift idea

The Magic 7 in the Name of this Gin

The Pisoni distillery finds its home in the “Valle dei Laghi” (Valley of the Lakes), situated between Lake Garda and the Dolomites. The surrounding area, blessed with 7 lakes and a Mediterranean microclimate, provides the master distiller with aromatic plants. Notably, the number 7 is not just the house number at the Pisoni distillery headquarters, but also holds symbolic significance, reminiscent of the seven virtues.

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