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Grappa Schweizer

Precious young grappa from the Pisoni family, crafted from the finest Trentino vine varietals. A cuvée with a delicate and fragrant bouquet, available in a variety of sizes. It’s a perfect gift – whether for yourself or for your beloved ones. A true must-have.

Type of spirit:grappa giovane
Region of origin:Trentino
Pomace type:Chardonnay, Teroldego, Moscato, Nosiola, Gewürztraminer
Alcohol content:40%
Production:distillation of pomace from the best Trentino grapes
Characteristics:variety of nuances and scents; bouquet of Golden Delicious apples and William pears
Assortment tip:for retailers and restaurants; insider tip
Occasion:at the end of the meal; for mixing in cocktails

An Artistic Name… A Masterful Grappa!

A prestigious combination of aromatic pomace, Pisoni craftsmanship and Riccardo Schweizer art – a former student of Picasso and friend of the house. The original label, designed specifically for the family, summarizes the strong personality and the richness of nuances, scents, and olfactory sensations of this Grappa. Its delicate bouquet is reminiscent of Golden Delicious apples and Williams pears.

Available in folloowing sizes: 1.5 liter; 0.7 liter; 0.5 liter and 0.2 liter.

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