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Juniper Grappa

Spicy juniper finds a new purpose in this specialty. Flavored grappa is a Trentino tradition that offers delightful aromas, flavors, and aesthetics – an appealing gift.

Type of spirit:grappa aromatizzata (flavored grappa)
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:fresh juniper berries and needles, Pisoni grappa
Alcohol content:40%
Production:infusion of juniper berries and needles in Pisoni grappa
Characteristics:aromatic scent and fresh, slightly resinous taste that is reminiscent of the forest
Assortment tip:for retailers, among Trentino specialties
Occasion:at the end of the meal, for family/friends gatherings, après-ski, gift idea

The Medicinal Juniper Spice – a Valuable Grappa

Juniper is a perennial mountain shrub, evergreen and with a resinous scent. The slopes of the Trentino mountains are lush with juniper bushes. The infusion of this specialty consists of juniper berries and needles, which are collected in summer and then macerated in the finest Trentino Pisoni grappa.

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