Limoncello - Vianello Wines

A fruity, fresh Italian specialty that’s a refreshing summer delight as a Limoncello Spritz and a year-round lemony-sweet pleasure after meals.

Type of spirit:Liqueur
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:Finest Pisoni Grappa; lemon juice and peel; sugar
Alcohol content :30%
Production:Infusion of lemon peels in Pisoni grappa and alcohol; adding water and sugar
Characteristics:Light yellow color, fruity bouquet, lemony-fresh
Assortment tip:Special specialty; retail trade; restaurants
Occasion:Social evening, cocktail preparation, aperitif, gift idea

Delicate Aromas Develop in Time

Why Limoncello Pisoni? The answer lies in the unique blend of aromatic Pisoni Grappa and the zesty juice of Lake Garda lemons. Its elegant, retro label makes it a delightful gift, also available in a charming 0.20-liter gift bottle. Combine it with a fine Prosecco, and you have the perfect aperitif: Limoncello Spritz!

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