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A fruity, fresh Italian specialty that’s a refreshing summer aperitif as a “Limoncello Spritz” and a year-round lemony-sweet pleasure after meals.

Type of spirit:liqueur
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:finest Pisoni Grappa, lemon juice and peel, sugar
Alcohol content:30%
Production:infusion of lemon peels in Pisoni grappa and alcohol; adding water and sugar
Characteristics:light yellow color, fruity bouquet, lemony-fresh taste
Assortment tip:for retailers among Trentino specialties, for restaurants
Occasion:for family/friends gatherings, for mixing in cocktails, as an aperitif, gift idea

Garda Lake and Dolomites in a Superb Limoncello

Why Pisoni Limoncello? The answer lies in the unique blend of aromatic Pisoni Grappa and the zesty juice of Lake Garda lemons. Its elegant, retro label makes it a delightful gift, also available in a charming 0.20-liter bottle. Mix it with a fine Prosecco, and you will obtain the perfect aperitif: Limoncello Spritz!

Bottle Technical sheet Box ↓ Limoncello Spritz - Cards

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