Pisoni Trentodoc • Sparkling wines from South Tyrol

Pisoni Trentodoc

When man and the mountain meet, great things happen.

The Pisoni Family

The Pisoni Winery from Trentino Alto Adige – South Tyrol is deeply rooted in the art of creating Spumante through classic bottle fermentation. As one of the founding members of the TRENTODOC protection consortium (“Consorzio di tutela Trentodoc”), the winery has long upheld the standards of this prestigious designation.

Today, the Pisoni Trentodoc name continues to symbolize artisanal craftsmanship and the pinnacle of quality from Trentino – South Tyrol. Each glass of Pisoni Sparkling Wine is a testament to the skill and commitment

invested in its making, offering a taste of excellence with every sip.

At the heart of Pisoni Trentodoc lies a deep commitment to quality, tradition, and sustainability. The meticulous process of remuage, where maturing bottles are carefully rotated to encourage yeast settlement, is still performed by hand, showcasing the winery’s dedication to traditional methods.

The Winery’s adherence to these time-honored techniques ensures that Pisoni Sparkling Wine possesses an unparalleled texture. This devotion to quality and tradition makes the offerings from this Trentino Alto Adige – South Tyrol winery a sensory delight, capturing the essence of fine Italian sparkling wine.

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The Pisoni Winery

The journey to crafting the esteemed Pisoni Trentodoc sparkling wines began with Arrigo Pisoni, the father of Elio and Giuliano Pisoni. Inspired during his extensive travels in Champagne, Arrigo envisioned creating noble TrentoDOC sparkling wines within the family’s Winery in Trentino – South Tyrol.

Trentino, with its gentle climate, is ideal for growing high-quality grapes, essential for premium sparkling wines. The region’s significant temperature variations foster rich aromas in the grape skins and ensure an optimal acidity level.

At the heart of the Pisoni Winery, a cave carved into the mountain provides the perfect environment for slow, steady bottle fermentation. Here, remuage is performed manually with meticulous attention to detail.

This deep-rooted expertise, passionately preserved and handed down through generations, is evident in their daily operations. It’s no surprise that in 1984, the Pisoni family was among the four founding members of the Institute for the Protection of the Trentodoc, underlining their fundamental role in the region.

This prestigious position further highlights the exceptional quality of the Pisoni Winery’s production. Yet, the most compelling evidence of their mastery lies in the exquisite Pisoni Sparkling Wine itself – characterized by its superior quality and intense, well-balanced aromas.