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TrentoDOC – Riserva Extra Brut – Erminia Segalla

Pisoni Trentodoc

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TrentoDOC – Riserva Extra Brut – Erminia Segalla

This award-winning sparkling wine rarity is available only in limited quantities, demonstrating Pisoni’s outstanding craftsmanship. It offers an intense taste experience with complex aromas.

Type of wine:white, sparkling wine
Flavor:extra brut
Region of origin:Trentino
Grape variety(s):Chardonnay
Alcohol content:12.5%
Production:bottle fermentation, ageing over 80 months
Wine characteristics:straw yellow color; fruity aromas merge with floral notes and herbal scents; intense aroma of yeast and bread crust due to long storage; decidedly dry sparkling wine with a pleasant vanilla note in the finish
Assortment tip:for retailers, among the rarities
Occasion:food pairing, meditation wine

Masterful Craftsmanship from Trentodoc

This Riserva is crafted exclusively in the finest vintages using selected grapes. Available ony by reservation, its production is limited. As the flagship wine of the Pisoni winery, this award-winning masterpiece reflects Pisoni’s mastery as one of the founding members of the Trentodoc consortium. A sparkling wine in a class of its own.

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