Pisoni Grappa | Exclusive spirits from the Pisoni winery

Pisoni Grappa

The harmony of art and technology, man and nature, wisdom and enthusiasm: that is excellence for us.

Elio Pisoni

The crafting of Pisoni Grappa has been a cherished secret within the Pisoni family, passed down since the 16th century. The spirits from the Pisoni Winery graced the episcopal courts of Trent, and even today, each sip feels like a taste of history.

Beyond the timeless classics Clessidra and Stravecchia, the Pisoni Winery also presents unique offerings like Grappa Schweizer and the renowned Pisoni Limoncello. Their collection extends to an array of liqueurs, each brimming with distinctive flavors.

Alongside Pisoni Grappa, the newly launched Gin 7 laghi is a must-try. This gin marries the aromas of juniper with select mountain herbs from the province, creating a harmonious blend.

The wines and spirits of Pisoni have been recognized with numerous national and international accolades, a testament to their unmatched quality.

Make sure to explore the beautiful Pisoni Trentodoc sparkling wine, a delightful offering from the Pisoni Winery.



The Pisoni Grappa

The Pisoni Grappa, from Trentino – South Tyrol, is a distillation marvel. Its selected pomace imparts a complex, rich flavor that unfolds exquisitely with every sip. The meticulous art of distillation, performed entirely by hand, endows the Pisoni Grappa with its velvety texture and unforgettable aroma.

This blend of premium ingredients and expert distillation yields a grappa of unparalleled quality – a symbol of exceptional indulgence.

The Pisoni Distillery

Tracing its roots back to Trentino Alto Adige – South Tyrol, the Pisoni Distillery carries a storied history that spans generations, mirroring a deep-seated passion for crafting top-tier grappa.

The distillery’s journey began with Baldassarre Pisoni in the 19th century, a pioneer who mastered the art of distillation and eventually passed down this precious skill to his descendants.

Over the decades, the Pisoni Distillery has honed its methods, standing today as a hallmark of quality and excellence in the grappa world. Each sip of their distinguished distillate narrates a tale of dedication, passion, and the pursuit of perfection.