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Appassimento Veneto IGT – Gardetta

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Appassimento Veneto IGT – Gardetta

Discover Gardetta, a remarkably soft, complex, and fruity red wine created through the renowned Appassimento process. This wine is a true insider’s gem.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Wine flavor:Dry
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Corvina, Merlot
Alcohol content:13.5%
Production:Appassimento procedure; matured in wooden barrels
Wine characteristics:Intense red; with notes of wild berries and vanilla; structured on the palate, reminiscent of ripe plums, licorice, cocoa, and tobacco; perfect balance with the soft tannins; silky and long finish
Assortment tip:Open wine for restaurants and wine bars; retail wine; insider’s gem
Occasion:Social evening; dining companion; barbecue evening

Gardetta: A Treasured Red Wine with Family Roots

Gardetta, a small, time-honored building belonging to the Bennati family, bears the name of its original owners, the Gardetta Counts, who generously donated it to the Franciscans. Subsequently, the rooms were repurposed as grape drying chambers, becoming a cherished part of the Bennati family history and cherished memories. Today, the name Gardetta represents one of their most esteemed red wines.

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