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Appassimento Veneto IGT – Gardetta

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Appassimento Veneto IGT – Gardetta

“Gardetta” is a small, ancient building still belonging to our family that is very dear to me for all the memories it calls back to my mind. We’ve always named it after its first owners, the Gardetta lords, who later donated it to the Franciscan friars. During the last century, my grandparents used its rooms to wilt the grapes in special crates. This name has always been connected to our history… now it identifies one of our most successful wines”.

Giorgio Bennati

Typology: red wine
Grape varieties: Corvina, Merlot- Partially dried with the Appassimento technique
Production region: Cazzano di Tramigna in the province of Verona
Alcohol content: 13.50 % vol.

Tasting notes: deep red with garnet nuances. Wild berries and vanilla. Velvety on the palate, rich in sensations of ripe plum, liquorice, cacao and tobacco, which balance perfectly with the supple tannins. Long and silky finish
Food pairings: perfect with roast veal and lamb dishes, as well as seasoned cheese. The organoleptic features of Gardetta’s grapes and their wise refinement make this wine perfect also for structured and spicy courses, like many traditional dishes of the international cuisine
Service temperature: the wine should be let breath by opening the bottle at least one hour before service at 16-18°C
Tasting glass: wide glass

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