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Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

Bennati - I Gadi

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Pinot Grigio delle Venezie DOC

Fruity, aromatic white wine with international popularity and the easy-drinking charm of Venetian wines.

Type of wine:White wine, still
Wine flavor:Dry
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Pinot Grigio
Alcohol content :12 %
Production:Traditional white wine vinification in steel tanks
Wine characteristics:Straw yellow with greenish reflections; very fruity (green apple, citrus fruits, but also lighter scents of pear and peach) with sweeter notes of honey; typical on the palate, fresh, intense, and long-lasting
Assortment tip:Wine for party service/catering; retail wine; in gastronomy also as an open wine
Occasion:Everyday wine; for garden parties; terrace wine; social evening; aperitif; with finger food

I Gadi

The I Gadi product line is named after an area near the Bennati winery. The family business’s first vineyards were planted in this area and are still cared for with unwavering dedication to this very day.

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