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Metodo Classico Brut Millesimato – Ivan

Dante Rivetti - Premium

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Metodo Classico Brut Millesimato – Ivan

In its white version, Ivan demonstrates the excellent sparkling wine quality achievable from Pinot Noir grapes, using the so-called “metodo classico” (bottle fermentation).

Type of wine:white, sparkling wine
Region of origin:Piedmont
Grape variety(s):Pinot Noir
Alcohol content:12.5 %
Production:bottle fermentation
Wine characteristics:gold-yellow color; intense notes of berries; dry, fresh and harmoniuos on the palate
Assortment tip:for retailers and restaurants
Occasion:food pairing, for toasting on festive days, as an aperitif, with finger food, for family/friends gatherings

A Name with Family History

The classic-method sparkling wines are dedicated to the oenologist Ivan Rivetti. Ivan, Dante’s first-born son, now runs the company alongside his sisters Katia and Mara, and his mother Luciana.

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