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Cuvée Spumante Extra Dry Millesimato

Versatile sparkling wine obtained from local grapes of a single vintage. One of our bestsellers, it will delight your customers on many occasions and with many dishes.

Type of wine:white, sparkling wine
Flavor:extra dry
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Glera, Chardonnay, Pinot bianco
Alcohol content:11.5%
Production:tank fermentation
Wine characteristics:straw yellow color; fine and persistent perlage; elegant bouquet with clear notes of wisteria and acacia flowers; exquisite fruity taste
Assortment tip:a must-have for restaurants, wine bars and retailers
Occasion:for family/friends gatherings, as an aperitif, with finger food, with pizza, to toast, for mixing

A Perfect Blend

This sparkling wine is a cuvée, meaning it’s a harmonious blend of several white grapes from the region, primarily Glera (Prosecco grape). The term ‘millesimato’ refers to using only grapes from the same vintage.

Did you know that the term Cuvée comes from French and literally means “fermentation container”? Accordingly, the word has a slightly different meaning in french than in English. 
Remember to use the correct accent placement – ‘Cuvée’ – as ‘Cuvee’ or ‘Cuvèe’ are incorrect spellings.

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