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Grappa Stravecchia Clessidra – 10 years

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Grappa Stravecchia Clessidra – 10 years

The Pisoni family’s finest grappa, recommended for true connoisseurs, in its exquisite 10-year-old edition.

Spirit type:grappa stravecchia
Region of origin:Trentino
Pomace type:Teroldego, Marzemino and Nosiola
Alcohol content:50%
Production:distillation in copper alembics according to the Tullio Zandra method; maturation for a decade in French oak barriques
Characteristic:amber color; intense aroma of nuts, oriental spices, leather, and cocoa; full, enveloping, and dry on the palate; delicate vanilla aftertaste
Assortment tip:for retailers
Occasion:gift idea; to conclude at best a dinner in good company

It takes Time for the Development of Fine Aromas

Clessidra (hourglass): the name of this exquisite grappa pays homage to the unhurried passage of time, which nurtures the delicate aromas in this high-quality spirit. We are currently waiting for the 20-year-old hourglass, still resting within the barriques.

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