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Syrah – Terre Siciliane IGP

Teatro Latino - Sicilia

Italian red wines  

Syrah – Terre Siciliane IGP

A quintessential Sicilian red wine, as diverse and beguiling as its homeland. Soft yet full-bodied, this Syrah will delight your customers in its fruity-fresh rendition.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Flavor Wine:Dry
Region of origin:Sicily
Grape variety(s):Syrah
Alcohol content:13.5%
Manufacturing:Classic red wine vinification
Wine characteristics:Intense aromas of currant, blueberry, and blackberry, which merge with tobacco, liquorice, and a peppery note in the finish
Assortment tip:Wine for restaurants and wine bars, wine for retail, good for wine-by-the-glass
Occasion:Barbecue evenings, social evenings, with finger food

Syrah – Culture in a Glass, as on the Label

The chosen symbol for the Syrah is a ceramic piece from Caltagirone, a UNESCO-listed city renowned for its millenary tradition of vibrant glazed ceramics. With its vivid colors, it stands as one of Sicily’s most iconic symbols.
The name ‘Syrah’ may even trace its origins to the picturesque Sicilian town of Syracuse, where this grape variety has flourished.

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