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Zibibbo – Terre Siciliane IGP

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Zibibbo – Terre Siciliane IGP

Our big bestseller! You only have to taste it to fall in love with the hints of dried apricots, fresh citrus and a refreshing touch that instantly transports you to the seaside…

Type of wine:White wine, still
Flavor Wine:Dry
Region of origin:Sicily
Grape variety(s):100% Zibibbo
Alcohol content :12.5%
Manufacturing:White wine vinification
Wine characteristics:Intense floral and fruity notes, soft, pleasantly spicy and persistent
Assortment tip :Must-have, retail, gastro wine
Occasion :Aperitif, menu wine

Zibibbo: Greetings from Persephone

This seductive white wine proudly bears the symbol of the enchanting Persephone on its label, embodying the goddess responsible for Sicily’s gentle climate from spring to autumn. Winter, the only slightly cooler season on the island, parallels the time Persephone spends with Hades in the underworld. This alluring and feminine wine harmonizes seamlessly with everything from aperitifs to robust fish dishes. Traditionally, Zibibbo is crafted as a sweet Sicilian wine; however, this dry variant stands as a rare specialty, earning its place among our cherished offerings for good reason.

Grapes: Zibibbo

Alcohol content % vol. 12.5 | Total acidity g/l 6

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