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Prosecco Spumante Brut millesimato DOCG – Confraternita

Perini - Prosecco spumante DOCG

Prosecco   Sparkling wines and Spumanti  

Prosecco Spumante Brut millesimato DOCG – Confraternita

Sparkling varietal purity wine obtained in compliance with the year of production.
It has a fine and persistent perlage, a creamy froth and distinctly fruity notes reminiscent
of apple, peach and rose flowers.
He mellow and harmonious taste makes it good as aperitif, it is ideal with fish and
cheese snack or as table-wine with delicate dìshes.
Recommended serving temperature : 6-8 ° C.
This is the Confraternita del Prosecco bottle.This bottle can only be used
by the firms authorised by the Confraternita, only producers of
Prosecco Superiore Docg minimum at 51%,
and coming from the historical hills of DOCG.
GRAPES: 100% Glera.
THE VINEYARDS: exposed to the sun on the hill slopes
of Valdobbiadene area.


Alcohol content about 11.5% vol. – Level of acidity 6.0 gr. / l.

Sweet wine – Sugar 12 gr. / l.

Bottle pressure 5.8 atm

Re-fermented in an autoclave at 15-16 ° C for about 8 days

The wine remains on the yeasts for over 30 days

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