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Amaro DonZio

A distinctive herbal bitter, where aromatic plants are immersed in grappa, allowing the essential oils of the pomace to combine with those of the mountain herbs. The result is a bitter liqueur characterized by remarkable smoothness and elegance.

Type of spirit:amaro
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:grappa, selected herbs and berries, sugar and water
Alcohol content:30%
Production:infusion of herbs in grappa: the only bitters made exclusively with Trentino grappa
Characteristics:aromatic, round, and noble in taste
Assortment tip:for retailers among Trentino specialties, for wine bars
Occasion:for family/friends gatherings, as a digestif, gift idea

An Unusual Namesake for a Special Drink

The name of this noble bitters – Don Zio – honors Don Pisoni, the great uncle of the current Pisoni master distiller. Don Pisoni was a priest who had an extraordinary passion for skiing. That’s why although priests were not allowed to do sports in their habit, the label ironically depicted him skiing. In the terrirory Don Pisoni was considered an important figure, because after the Second World War he helped the youth in his region to build a new future and discover new values.

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