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Edelweiss Liqueur

Extraordinary liqueur specialty where edelweiss, the queen of the Alpine flora, cultivated in the Val di Pejo in the high mountains, is marinated in the finest Trentino grappa. An ideal product for shops aiming to distinguish themselves with unique and regional offerings.

Type of spirit:liqueur
Region of origin:Trentino
Ingredients:edelweiss, Trentino grappa, honey, water
Alcohol content:30%
Production:infusion of edelweiss in grappa with honey
Characteristics:slightly greenish, shiny color; delicately scented bouquet of chamomile; sweet and velvety taste
Assortment tip:for retailers among Trentino specialties
Occasion:for family/friends gatherings, for mixing in cocktails, gift idea

Precious Alpine Flower in High-Quality Grappa

The edelweiss, Leontopodium Alpinum, also known as “Fior di Roccia” (rock flower), is considered the queen of the Alpine flora. Fior di Roccia® is a liqueur produced by infusing edelweiss—grown in the high mountains by the Olga Casanova farm in Val di Pejo, in the immediate vicinity of the Stelvio National Park—into Trentino grappa and honey.

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