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Grappa Stravecchia Clessidra – 15 years

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Grappa Stravecchia Clessidra – 15 years

The most precious grappa from the Pisoni family for real connoisseurs. Crafted in limited quantities over 15 years of patient waiting, it is produced through masterful distillation using select ingredients.

Type of spirit:Grappa stravecchia
Region of origin:Trentino
Pomace type:Pomace of Teroldego, Marzemino and Nosiola grapes
Alcohol content:50%
Production:Distilled using the Tullio Zandra method using copper alembics; matured for 15 years in French oak barriques
Characteristics:Amber color; intense, spicy bouquet, with notes of dried fruits, pepper, cinnamon, and tobacco; strong, dry taste; pleasant vanilla aftertaste
Assortment tip:Retail trade
Occasion:Gift to end the evening and enjoy

Time for the Delicate Aromas to Develop

This precious grappa owes its existence to the ancient art of distillation by the Mastri Distillatori Pisoni and is the fruit of years of experience and patient waiting. The name of this exquisite grappa, Clessidra – hourglass in German – alludes to the slow passage of time that shapes the delicate aromas of this valuable spirit. We eagerly anticipate the 20-year-old hourglass, which is currently maturing in the barrels in our cellar.

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