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Il Covo – Terre Siciliane IGP

Teatro Latino - Sicilia

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Il Covo – Terre Siciliane IGP

This intense red wine from Sicily is a fusion of fruity and spicy notes, crafted from the finest grapes ripened in the warm Sicilian sun and caressed by Mediterranean winds. A breeze that carries hints of the sea and North African spices, making it one of our bestsellers.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Flavor Wine:Dry
Region of origin:Sicily
Grape variety(s):Nero d’Avola, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot
Alcohol content:14%
Manufacturing:Classic red wine vinification
Wine characteristics:Well structured, warm and flattering on the palate with intense fruity aromas of ripe red berries and a peppery note from Syrah
Assortment tip:Wine for restaurants and retail, insider tip, attractive display packaging
Occasion:Excellent food companion, barbecue evenings

Il Covo – Red Wine that Tames the Beasts

In the realms of ancient Greek mythology, Sicily was the land of the Cyclops, and within a cave known as ‘il covo,’ dwelled the most famous and feared of them all: Polyphemus. As legend has it, he met his match in Odysseus, who cleverly used a fine local wine to disarm him. We like to think our red wine is equally impressive. That’s why the visage of Polyphemus graces the label of ‘Il Covo,’ a testament to its captivating allure.

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