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Spumante TrentoDOC Metodo Classico: the exquisite “mountain bubbles”


Spumante TrentoDOC Metodo Classico: the exquisite “mountain bubbles”

When talking about the Méthode Champenoise (Champenoise method), it is impossible not to think of Champagne, the world-famous French sparkling wine that gets its name from the region in France where it is produced.

France is not alone in this, however, because Trentino too can boast a long tradition in producing sparkling wine, that starting from the same Champenoise method has given birth to an extraordinary wine, the immediate expression of the land on which its grapes grow: the TrentoDOC Metodo Classico spumante.

These are the mountain bubbles par excellence, that in recent years have enjoyed constant rises in sales, especially thanks to its exceptional quality of the wines and to the constant commitment of its producers.

Based on the data collected by the Observatory of the Istituto Trento DoC institute, in fact, in 2021 the TrentoDOC Metodo Classico spumante’s volume of sales and value rose well above the results of 2020 (+40%) and of 2019 (+23%). This truly impressive growth trend reflects the well-earned global acclaim won by this wine capable of expressing the beauty and culture of Trentino in every sip.

Altitude, climate, terroir: what makes TrentoDOC Metodo Classico so exquisite?

This unparalleled spumante comes from the vineyards located in the beautiful Trentino mountains, at an altitude between 200 and 900 metres above sea level. It is precisely the altitude, combined with the climate peculiar to these areas, that leads to the production of such a distinguished and distinctive wine.

The typical mountain climate, together with the milder climate of the Lake Garda area, provide the perfect conditions for achieving the typical acidity, fragrances and organoleptic features of spumante wines, especially as regards the leaching of the flavours of the skins into the must, favoured by the fluctuations in temperature, that allows for the production of long-lived, fresh and fragrant wines.

This intuition first came to Giulio Ferrari, the famous Trentino wine expert and agronomist, who recognised in the climate of his homeland the perfect habitat for producing spumante using the Champenoise Method.

Trentino’s mineral soil, rich in limestone and with high levels of silica, gives birth to the Trentodoc Metodo Classico spumante that has been handed down by generations of highly skilled Trentino winemakers and that officially acquired the D.O.C. standing in 1993.

What is the ‘Metodo Classico’ (classic method, also known as Méthode Champenoise)?

The production method, inherited from the tradition of French Champagne, is what gives this wine the persistence and elegance that have made it famous across the world. The technique includes various stages and lengthy processing times that range from a minimum of 15 months to a maximum of 10 years for the grand reserves.

The classic production method consists of a refermentation in the bottle with the formation of bubbles directly inside the bottle and not in the tank, as happens with the Charmat Method that is typically used for making Prosecco. It usually starts with Chardonnay, Pinot Bianco, Pinot Nero or Meunier grapes and leads to the addition of yeasts and sugars in the bottling phase, which in turn gives rise to a secondary fermentation conducted for a variable period of time.

This is followed by the stage that is perhaps the most unique of all: rémuage. What’s this? Every day, the wine makers rotate the bottles that are stored neck down so that the exhausted yeasts deposit and collect in the neck, from where they are removed during disgorgement.

Disgorgement is followed by the dosage process, consisting in the topping up of the bottles with a mixture of wines and, sometimes, sugar. This process differs among producers and distinguishes each label. It is the personal touch, handed down through generations, after which the precious Metodo Classico is ready to be enjoyed.

The Pisoni family: pioneers and proud ambassadors of TrentoDOC

One of the most famous producers of this extraordinary spumante is the Pisoni Family, members of the Istituto di Tutela Trentodoc institute, that certifies the origin and authenticity of the method.

The idea of producing TrentoDOC first came to the family business’ founding member Arrigo Pisoni, father to Elio and Giuliano Pisoni, who during his long trips in search of inspiration arrived in the Champagne region and had an epiphany. The cave dug into the mountain side, present on the winery’s land, offers all of the features required for obtaining perfect and slow refermentation, especially thanks to its stable, low temperature.

This knowledge, handed down and applied every day with great commitment and passion, led the Pisoni Family to become one of the four founders of the Istituto di Tutela Trentodoc in 1984. This was a fundamental and strategic role that affixes a further seal to the high quality of their production.

The selection of TrentoDOC Pisoni spumante wines includes six different wines, each one of which is the exclusive representative of the unique and typical flavours of Trentino’s grape varieties:

Pisoni TrentoDOC – Brut Millesimato Nature

A ‘Millesimato’ (vintage) brut obtained from Chardonnay grapes, offering a full, embracing and natural taste that derives from not adding sugars during the dosage process.

Pisoni TrentoDOC – Rosé Brut Millesimato

A Classic Method spumante, old rose in colour due to the presence of Pinot Nero. Its unique aroma and freshness, paired with a well-balanced, smooth and pleasing palate, make it the perfect wine for any occasion.

Pisoni TrentoDOC – Brut Millesimato

Obtained from Chardonnay grapes harvested and processed in full compliance with the Metodo Classico. Hay-yellow in colour with a fine but persistent perlage, it is elegant and generous to the nose. A well-structured and fresh wine with a sweet-sour finish.

Pisoni TrentoDOC – Pinot Bianco

A wine with a special perlage featuring a persistent array of numerous small bubbles. To the nose it reveals an intriguing note of white peach with fresh touches of lemon balm. Delicate to the palate, it ends with a pleasing sense of freshness.

Pisoni TrentoDOC – Extra Brut Blanc de Noir

A well-balanced, elegant and pleasing spumante with a very fine, continuous and persistent perlage. To the nose it presents toasty notes that range from fruity to mineral.

TrentoDOC – Riserva Extra Brut – Erminia Segalla

Obtained from the refermentation of Chardonnay grapes, Erminia Segalla is a TrentoDOC spumante featuring great elegance and fineness thanks to the long ageing process of at least 80 months. It features highly complex fragrances in which the fruity components merge with floral scents and vegetal perfumes. On the palate it confirms the sensations offered by the nose.

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