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The Langhe area and Piedmont’s prestigious winemaking tradition


The Langhe area and Piedmont’s prestigious winemaking tradition

Tradition that has its roots planted deep in a unique land, vineyards as far as the eye can see rolling up to steep hills laid out to form splendid valleys. We’re talking about Piedmont, the Italian region that produces excellent wines renowned throughout the world for their quality and their unmistakable bouquets.

This is the land of the Langhe, a generous region featuring a large variety of soil types and diversified geology and morphology, that all together regale us with some of the best wines Italy has to offer, such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo.

Piedmont’s wealth of vineyards and wineries

In order to explain the exceptional nature of Piedmont’s enological wealth it is sufficient to mention the recent recognition by UNESCO that, in 2014, added the wine-growing landscapes of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato to the list of world heritage sites, it being the result of the combined process between man and the local environment that has created a continuum of orderly vineyards, contained woods and small farmhouses.

Indeed, Piedmont is one of the world’s leading regions for the quality and variety of its wine labels. This fertile land boasts over forty DOCs and nineteen DOCGs, all to be tasted and enjoyed.

What especially makes Piedmont wines unique is the selection of native grape varieties, from which mostly single-variety wines are made, each onethereby endowing the final product with characteristic taste and strong personality.

The variegated soil and the mild climate also contribute distinctive characteristics to Piedmont’s wines, elements that are all found especially in the prestigious Langhe area.

Langhe: a unique land, yours to discover

In the southern part of the Piedmont region, close to the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, one finds the area known as ‘Langhe’, a terroir that features a mild climate with well-defined seasons and a wide variety of soils that generate as many wine types. The area presents marly, calcareous, sandy and clayey soils, and sometimes mixtures of these, that impart unrepeatable organoleptic characteristics to their wines.

The Langhe area has pride of place in Piedmont’s and the world’s cultural and wine-making panorama. This comes from the fact that it is the homeland of the region’s two most famous DOCG wines, Barolo and Barbaresco, and that it hosts some of the world’s renowned wine & food events of the world, such as the International Alba White Truffle Fair that each year attracts visitors to the region from October to December.

And beyond Barolo and Barbaresco, the Langhe is famous precisely for its extraordinary variety made up of not only reds but also white and rosé wines that we would love to present to you through Dante Rivetti.

Located in Neive, at the heart of the Langhe area, the Dante Rivetti winery has grown from its roots set deep in this land. Famous for its collection of Barbaresco wines dating back to 1989, the winery also produces four Langhe DOC excellencies just waiting to be discovered:

Dante Rivetti Langhe Bianco DOC

Born of the skilful blend with Chardonnay Arneis, Langhe Bianco DOC Dante Rivetti is an elegant wine with good palatal expression, and a fresh fragrance featuring the aromas of exotic fruit that bestows it with great pairing abilities. Excellent as an aperitif and combined with delicate-tasting dishes and seafood.

Dante Rivetti Arneis Langhe DOC – Briccodoro

A wine that expresses freshness, with hints of linden, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs. It is aged in steel vats on the lees for at least six months, followed by another two months in the bottle. To the palate it reveals a wide-ranging bouquet that is highly refreshing and pleasing to taste. Perfect throughout a meal, as an aperitif or paired with delicate-tasting dishes.

Dante Rivetti Langhe Rosato DOC – Mavik

A wine that expresses freshness, with hints of linden, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs. It is aged in steel vats on the lees for at least six months, A Rosè that we could define as a ‘Red dressed up in Rosé’, seeing that it is derived from the same grapes the Rivetti family uses to create its splendid Barbaresco wines. With an intense and floral nose typical of Nebbiolo, to the palate it is enveloping, smooth and very persistent. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to white meats, fish and cheeses.

Dante Rivetti Nebbiolo Langhe DOC

Only Nebbiolo grapes grown exclusively on the Bricco di Neive hill are used to make this ruby-red wine with garnet hues. To the palate it is enveloping, fruity and very persistent. The nose reveals hints of prune, small dark berries and sweet spices. Great throughout the meal and ideal with white meats and cheeses.

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