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Langhe Wines: A Fertile Wine Region


Langhe Wines: A Fertile Wine Region

When you come across the term “Langhe” on Italian wines, it signifies a unique wine region nestled in the heart of Piedmont. Our blog post delves into the essence of Langhe wines, exploring their connection with the diverse and exquisite wine specialties from this renowned wine region.

Langhe: Part of Piedmont’s Wine Heritage

When people and nature work hand in hand, they not only create extraordinary landscapes but also cultivate delicious wines and other exquisite delicacies.

Piedmont, the scenic region in northwestern Italy, stands as a splendid testament to this synergy. Enthralling wine lovers and foodies globally, it offers a unique blend of natural allure, culinary distinction, and rich wine tradition.

Nestled in the foothills of the Alps, the fertile Langhe area is also a prominent feature of this region.

Piedmont World Heritage Site

Piedmont, particularly its wine regions of Langhe-Roero and Monferrato, earned the distinction of being a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014. This accolade celebrates the remarkable fusion of natural beauty and cultural tradition that characterizes the region. The Piedmont landscape showcases a masterful interplay between human ingenuity and nature, where meticulously tended vineyards, picturesque forests, and charming farmhouses blend harmoniously. Skillful terracing techniques and age-old cultivation practices have melded with the natural terrain to forge a distinctive cultural landscape.

Top Quality Viticulture

Besides its cultural and historical significance, Piedmont stands as one of the world’s foremost regions in terms of the quality and diversity of its wine varieties. This fertile land is home to wines boasting over forty DOC and nineteen DOCG designations, each inviting exploration and appreciation.

The uniqueness of Piedmont’s wines lies in the selection of native grape varieties, most of which are vinified purely. This process endows the final product with a strong taste and personality.

The varied soil composition and mild climate of Piedmont also impart unique characteristics to its wines. These distinctive elements are especially prominent in the renowned Langhe region.

Langhe DOC: Quality Wines, as Magical as the Landscape

The Langhe area is characterized by its geological and landscape diversity, which gives us some of the best Italian wines such as Barbera, Dolcetto, Nebbiolo, Barbaresco and Barolo .

Situated in the southern part of Piedmont, near the Maritime Alps and the Ligurian Apennines, the Langhe area enjoys a mild climate with distinct seasons. This region boasts a rich array of soil types, contributing to the variety of its wines.

The presence of marl, limestone, sandy, and clay soils, often intermingled, endows the wines with unique organoleptic properties.

Famous red wine classics in the Langhe

The central area of Piedmont, a hub for culture and gastronomy, is renowned for producing the region’s two most famous DOCGs, Barolo and Barbaresco. Often, these wines carry their own DOCG labels, leaving many customers unaware of their origin in the Langhe.

Beyond exceptional red wines, this area also hosts globally acclaimed gastronomic events, including the Alba International Truffle Fair, which takes place between October and December.

Wine Diversity in the Langhe DOC Beyond the Famous Classics

The Langhe region is celebrated not just for its exquisite red wines but also for a variety of white and rosé wines.

Grape varieties like Chardonnay, Arneis, and Nebbiolo flourish in the Langhe. The Langhe DOC designation offers winemakers considerable creative freedom, as the blending of diverse local grape varieties leads to distinctive and unique creations.

Let’s delve into this diversity and explore the range of wines that the Langhe area has to offer.

Dante Rivetti: A Winery in the Heart of the Langhe 

One of our exclusive contractual partners, nestled in Neive at the heart of the Langhe, is the Dante Rivetti winery. Now in its fourth generation, this winery is renowned for its Barbaresco collection that began in 1989.

In addition to this, their production features four top Langhe DOC wines, that are certainly worth exploring:

Dante Rivetti Langhe Bianco DOC

The Langhe Bianco DOC Dante Rivetti, a masterful blend of Chardonnay and Arneis, stands out as an elegant white wine with a robust flavor profile and a fresh bouquet. Its enduring exotic fruit aromas make it an exceptional choice for patio dining in gastronomy and catering. Versatile in pairing, it’s ideal as an aperitif and complements everything from finger food to exquisite dishes and seafood perfectly.

Dante Rivetti Arneis Langhe DOC – Briccodoro

This Arneis-based wine exudes freshness and purity, evoking scents of linden trees, citrus fruits, and aromatic herbs. It matures on the lees in steel tanks for at least six months, followed by a two-month refinement in the bottle. On the palate, it unfolds an expansive bouquet characterized by remarkable freshness and drinkability. It’s a perfect choice throughout the meal, whether as an aperitif or paired with exquisite dishes.

Dante Rivetti Langhe Rosato DOC – Mavik

This rosé wine, which could be described as a red wine dressed in pink, is crafted from the same grapes used for the Rivetti family’s magnificent Barbareschi. Characterized by its intense, floral bouquet – a signature of Nebbiolo – and an enveloping, soft, yet persistent flavor, it pairs exceptionally well with white meats, fish, and cheeses. This rosé stands out as a hidden gem, sure to captivate even red wine enthusiasts with its unique profile.

Dante Rivetti Nebbiolo Langhe DOC

Exclusively from Nebbiolo grapes cultivated on the Bricco di Neive hill. This wine, ruby ​​red in color with garnet reflections, is enveloping, fruity and very persistent on the palate . On the nose it reveals impressions of plums, small dark fruits and sweet spices. It goes well with the entire meal and is ideal with white meat and cheese. 

Produced solely from Nebbiolo grapes grown on the Bricco di Neive hill, this wine boasts a ruby red color with garnet hues. It’s known for its enveloping, fruity, and very persistent palate. Aromatically, it offers impressions of plums, dark berries, and sweet spices. Versatile with various dishes, it pairs exceptionally well with white meats and cheeses.

This quintessential Langhe wine is an ideal choice for your catering clientele, embodying the region’s renowned wine-making tradition.

If you’re interested in adding Langhe DOC wines to your collection, feel free to contact us directly using our contact form.

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