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Dante Rivetti

We want our wines to be the utmost expression of elegance.

Katia Rivetti

At Dante Rivetti, winemaking is “the constant search for perfect quality”.. This commitment has established Dante Rivetti as a distinguished name, particularly noted for its exceptional Barbaresco.

Nestled in Neive, within the acclaimed Piemonte wine region, the Dante Rivetti Piemonte vineyards and cellars have flourished

under four generations of the Rivetti family’s stewardship. This rich heritage in winemaking is adorned with numerous international accolades, a testament to their excellence and dedication.

Dante Rivetti Neive offers an expansive selection of wines from the Langhe region. This range includes the delicate white Arneis and Moscato, as well as the robust reds like Dolcetto, Barbera, and Nebbiolo. Each bottle is a reflection of the Rivetti family’s extensive experience and deep-rooted passion. Dive into the world of Dante Rivetti and experience the quality and allure of these unique Piedmont wines. Here you can discover our complete collection of Dante Rivetti Wines from Piedmont.