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Rosso Veronese IGT – Ireos

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Rosso Veronese IGT – Ireos

Discover an elegant red wine from the Verona region that speaks for itself — a bestseller renowned for its floral, fresh twist on familiar flavors.

Type of wine:Red wine, still
Wine flavor:Dry
Region of origin:Veneto
Grape variety(s):Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, Cabernet Sauvignon
Alcohol content:13.3%
Production:Matured in wooden barrels
Wine characteristics:Opulent scents of ripe wild berries and slightly spicy tobacco; coffee and juniper berry notes; Silky, complex, and elegant on the palate thanks to its soft tannins
Assortment tip:Open wine for restaurants and wine bars; retail wine; insider tip
Occasion:Social evenings; a dining companion; barbecue evenings; with finger food

Ireos – As Floral and Elegant as its Name

Ireos, known as Iris in English, is a wildflower that graces the terraces of the Rosso Veronese of Bennati. Its extensive roots safeguard the soil from erosion. This wine is a complex and elegant masterpiece, offering a round and delicate profile that mirrors the stunning purple hues of the wildflower that bears its name.

Together with the Niveus, Ireos makes for the perfect ‘wine of the week’ promotion on your table.

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