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Rosso Veronese IGT – Ireos

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Rosso Veronese IGT – Ireos

“Ireos” (usually called “Iris”) is a wild flower that has always grown on the steepest sides of the terraced vineyards of our “Rosso Veronese”, and its long roots help sustain the ground. Ireos is a complex and elegant wine, round and supple, shining in the glass with the wonderful violet shades of the Iris flower.”

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Typology: red wine
Grape varieties: Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara and Cabernet Sauvignon
Production region: Cazzano di Tramigna in the province of Verona
Alcohol content: 13.30 % vol.

Tasting notes: deep red wine with clear notes of ripe wild berries and lighter notes of tobacco, coffee and juniper. On the palate it is velvety, complex and elegant thanks to its soft tannins
Food pairings: perfect with roast veal and lamb dishes, as well as mushrooms and seasoned cheese
Service temperature: the wine should be let breathe by opening the bottle at least one hour before service, 16-18°C
Tasting glass: wide glass

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