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Grappa Stravecchia “Centenaria del Sole”

Pisoni - Grappe

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Grappa Stravecchia “Centenaria del Sole”

Aromatic Grappa Stravecchia aged for an extended period, is celebrated for its soft, warm flavor and rich golden hue. It stands as our bestseller, cherished both in gastronomy and trade.

Spirit:Grappa Stravecchia
Region of origin:Trentino
Types of pomace:Pomace Trentino grape varieties such as Chardonnay, Teroldego, Moscato, Nosiola, Traminer
Alcohol content :40%
Production:Matured in oak barrels for 2 years
Characteristics:Soft aromas, vanilla, and cocoa notes
Assortment tip:Retail trade; restaurants; insider tip
Occasion:Digestif; for special occasions

Grappa Centenaria del Sole – What Does the Name Mean?

The name ‘Centenaria’ (Centenary) was selected by the Pisoni family to honor the lengthy period of wood storage, although this exquisite Grappa doesn’t mature for a hundred years. The addition ‘del sole,’ reminiscent of Riccardo Schweizer’s Grappas (giovane and invecchiata), serves as a tribute to the starting point of distillation—the element of heat, symbolized by the sun. A truly magical drop of distillery craftsmanship!

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