Bennati Winery • Exclusive at Vianello Wines


Since 1920 we have tried to express the poetry of the Veronese terroir. 

Giorgio Bennati

The Veneto wine region is renowned for its exceptional quality red wines, including Valpolicella, Amarone, Recioto, and Ripasso, alongside the refined white wines from Soave. Additionally, the northern Lessini area boasts the superb sparkling wine, “Lessini Durello”.

The premium selection from Casa Vinicola Bennati harmoniously blends the noblest Veronese grape varieties. This selection features the Bennati Premium line, complemented by the Bennati wine range, epitomizing the foundational quality of the Bennati Winery.

Among the standout offerings of the Bennati Winery is the Amarone, a flagship wine celebrated for its meticulous crafting. The grapes are carefully dried for several months, intensifying their aromatic profile and richness in taste. In contrast, the Ripasso from Casa Vinicola Bennati is uniquely crafted, fermenting the grapes on Amarone pomace, resulting in a distinctive and unforgettable flavor profile.

The Bennati winery

Bennati is a distinguished family-run establishment that’s nestled in the heart of Italy’s Veneto region. This picturesque winery, benefiting from the sun-kissed slopes of the region’s hills, offers a stunning backdrop to its vineyards. Established in 1920 by Annibale Bennati, the Bennati Winery now flourishes under the stewardship of Paolo and Giorgio Bennati, proudly representing the fourth generation of the family.

Tracing its origins further back, the Bennati legacy began with Antonio Bennati, born in 1870. Antonio, the founding figure of the family’s winemaking tradition, gained acclaim for his exquisite “Recioto” – a sweet raisin wine. His exceptional skill in winemaking earned him the affectionate nickname “Toni (=Antonio) Recioto”.

Today, Casa Vinicola Bennati is celebrated for its exceptional quality wines, with a particular emphasis on its Valpolicella varietals. The Bennati Winery boasts an array of vineyards, each offering a unique soil type and terroir. The winery’s extensive range features both red and white wines, including Amarone, Ripasso, and Valpolicella, each crafted with meticulous care to preserve its distinctive character and flavors. The winery primarily cultivates traditional Valpolicella grapes such as Corvina, Rondinella, Molinara, along with Lugana and Soave.

Embracing time-honored winemaking techniques, Bennati prioritizes the use of superior-quality fruit. The harvesting process, especially for top-tier wines like Amarone and Amarone Cerasum, is conducted by hand with great precision, ensuring exceptional wine quality. The grapes undergo a natural drying process in small boxes for several months post-harvest, enhancing their aromatic concentration. This method, relying solely on natural air and time, is crucial, as artificial acceleration would compromise the grapes’ quality.

The white wine selection at Bennati is equally remarkable, featuring the renowned Lugana from Lake Garda and the king of eastern Verona’s white wines, Soave. The Soave, composed entirely of Garganega grapes and cultivated on the volcanic soils of the Soave hills, impresses with its minerality and freshness.

Bennati Winery is an exemplary choice for connoisseurs seeking premium quality wines from the Veneto region. Melding tradition with innovation, the Bennati family is dedicated to maintaining the highest standards in the quality and taste of their wines, making it a prime selection for discerning wine merchants, sellers, and buyers.